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Е. Сазонова

Екатерина Сазонова


It was one of those windy and cold days in winter, when you are sitting at home in front of the fire-place and have nothing to do instead of thinking. The weather outside was horrible and all houses were covered with snow. The most outstanding and noticeable building was the house of George and Samantha Extremes, which was build by an Italian architecture and was full of foreign relics and souvenirs. The house seemed to be an island in the ocean of grey, white and black buildings, it was like a sun in the dark sky.
George and Samantha were rich and spent all their money on traveling to different exotic lands and countries. It was their tradition to buy some souvenirs or other things which could remain this or that country. And so after 10 years of living together their house was filled by different statuettes, quaint arm-chairs and coffee-tables. During their life they made parachute jumps, climbed on the top of the famous Everest Mountain, went downstream the river Congo, lived in the tribe of Zuluses and made many other trips to different parts of continents.
And so on this winter day they were sitting in their living room and just talking about their past.
- What a nice time it was!
- Oh, yes! I will remember it all my life! Oh, George, I wish we could repeat all this!
- My dear, I think that we can...
- What do you mean?!
- You see, I was walking down our street and saw a new tourist firm. I went in...
- You want to say that they have some new tours to countries where we had not been to?
- Well, just one... But it is amazing!!! They offer a trip to the wild and unstudied part of jungles. Of course, they demand many documents. We must sign the document that frees the company from responsibility for our life and health, bring the documents about our present experience and so on.
- All this is rubbish! I will do everything myself!... Oh dear, I am so happy! When will we leave?
- The next week.
That week flew by in cares about the future trip. And finally it was the last evening before the trip. Everything was ready, and George and Samantha went to their bed, looking forward to the future trip...
- George, George! Get up! It is Monday, the day of the trip! It is already 8:00! Get up!
- O-oh! I slept badly (A lot of nightmares)!
- George, if you don't get up immediately, we will be late!
- I have a bad foreboding!
- Don't be a boy! Let s go!

After 2 hours they were already flying above the ocean in the direction of the Lost Island. And exactly when they saw it, their plain began to jolt, the light switched off and they felt the smell of burning.
- Oh my God!!! We are meeting disaster!!! We will die!! !
- George, George, where are you? We must put on parachutes and get out from that plain!!!
- There are only 10 parachutes here. It won't be enough for all passengers!
- Hurry or it won't be enough for us!
- Ju-u-ump!!!
Then everything was like a dream. They jumped with parachutes from the plain, and after 3 minutes of flight they were on the Lost Island without guides, pilots and anyone who could know how to survive in the jungles and get back home. There were only 8 other people, who knew nothing about the jungles. Everybody felt helpless and unprotected. They understood that they had never been in such situation before and that all experience meant nothing. They were alone, their plain had sunk and they had nothing to do except surviving.
1 day past. During that time the group had studied the Island. It was very strange: they didn't find any plant which was known to them, but they found a very big and deep crater in the middle of the Island. Luckily among those 10 saved people there was a scientist whose name was Tom Lloyd. And after some researching he was able to suggest his theory:
"Well, I think that some years ago there was a nuclear weapon test on that Island. So it's incomprehensible that at list something grows on that Island."
"Disgraceful!!! Nothing was said about it in the contract! As soon as I come back home, I'll bring an action against that damned firm!"- cried Rafael Campbell, who was a doctor and was very pedantic.
"I advise you not to cry so loud or you won't live as long as that,"- said Tom.
"What! How dare you..."
"Silent! I think that not only plants changed here..."- whispered the scientist.
"You want to say that because of that bomb all animals became monsters?"-guessed Samantha.
"May be... But I hope that they just died."
It was the first night on the Island, everyone slept in handmade beds. George and Samantha erected their beds on a big tree; Rafael Campbell, covered by branches, slept under the tree; Tom Lloyd felt comfortable on the grass among bushes; Eddy and Karen (newlyweds) were on the other tree and others slept at the glade.
-A-a-a-a-a!!?!!! Help!
It was about 4:00 when everybody woke up immediately and saw the glade covered with blood and huge traces leading to the middle of the Island.
"It killed them! They didn't hide and so they are dead!"- said George.
"Oh, it's awful! This Island is full of monsters! What will we do now?! The monster will kill all of us! I don't want to die!"- cried Samantha.
"First of all we must get the camp-fire going, because it will protect us from wild animals and serve as a lighthouse for all ships which will pass by. And of course we must make weapons to protect ourselves. So let's work!"- commanded George.
They spent the whole day working, and only in the evening the group could say that they were ready to withstand the monster. But nobody came that night.
"May be the monsters went away to the far part of the Island?"- asked Karen.
"I don't think so... As for me I always feel that we are listened in. Don't you feel like that?"- said George.
"Well, I have some thoughts about this... I think that not only a nuclear weapon test was on that Island. May be..."
But at this moment the scientist was interrupted by a loud roar.
The monster and the group started fighting. At this battle died Eddy and Rafael. It seemed that at the end there would be only a sea of blood and no alive beings. But suddenly they heard a gun shot, which frightened the monster. The thing is that during their fight they didn't hear a ship, coming to the Island.
"Oh my God! Thank you!"- cried everybody.
10 seconds past and George, Samantha, Tom and Karen, covered in blood, were already steaming away from that damned Island.
"It was awful! And Karen, I'm very sorry..."- Samantha decided to talk.
"Oh, I am so unhappy! But why? It is unfair!"- cried Karen.
"...Well, sorry but I have some ideas on that theme. I think that some unlawful experiments were carried out on the Lost Island: human brains were implanted to the animals, and our monster was one of them. He killed everyone who wasn't afraid of him. He wanted to be a leader on that Island... Eddy and Rafael were very brave and they died... Let's swear that we will do everything we can to stop unlawful experiments and nuclear weapon tests."
And so thinking about such human problems they steamed back home.

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