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June, 2006. Jane stayed in London with her grandparents during the summer holidays. It was the usual occupation tor her, because her father, Peter Volanski, was very busy. His position demanded that. He was a possessor of a big fortune. But in spite of this he wanted more and more money. Jane's mother died, when the girl was six years old. Her father left Jane to grandparents" eare. He sent tier money monthly. She could permit herself everything she wanted. But she had only one dream: to find herself in the far future. If there was the TIME МЛС1IINK that time. Jane would be able to buy it. But alas the humanity didn't attain success in doing this yet. However she had a possibility to realize that dangerous trip. There was one clever boy. James Thompson, in her class. Nobody associated with him. because he was considered to be crazy. lie said over and over again, that lie had invented the time machine, but of course nobody believed him. Jane was the only, who decided to make friends with him. This was the only way to realize her old dream.
- Hullo! Mrs. Thompson'' May I speak to James?
- Oh... Wait a minute. James. Jane Volansci wants to speak to you.
- Hullo! -James .said in an unconfident voice. -Jane?
- Yes, this is I. I need to meet with you. It's very urgent.
- Sorry?! But you have never associated with me, and now you want to meet with me.
- Г11 explain you everything, when well meet. In half an hour at school.
Jane hung up the receiver and was going to go outside. Meanwhile James was simply flabbergasted. He could never imagine, that Jane Polanski, the most popular girl in their school, would phone him. I le couldn't even dream about this. He began nervously to rummage in his wardrobe. Obviously he had almost nothing to wear. He put on his worn sack and school trousers and quickly went out. By the time he reached the school, he saw Jane, who was nervously tugging at her fingers. He had never seen her in such condition before. It meant that there was something very important.
- At last!
- Sorry for my being late! You see, I didn't expect your call.
- Never mind! Let's go to the cafe near my house. There we'll be able tо discuss everything.
- But... I don't have money at all.
- Don't worry. I'll pay. Only, please, promise me, thai you'll fulfill my dream! - I'll try, but it depends, what dream it is. - Let's discuss it in the cafe. They entered the building of the Terranova cafe and sat down to the corner coffee table. Jane ordered pizza and mineral water. - They say. you have invented the time machine. - Yes. I have. And you're the first one. who believed me. - I'll pay much money, if you allow me to use it. It's very important for me.
- But what tor?
- Hm... I can't tell you my secret. - Indeed Jane had nothing to say, because the reason was her idle curiosity.
- OK. but only without remuneration.
- When can we make this trip?
- If you're sure we can do it tonight. But there's only one little snag. 1 can't guarantee hundred per cent, thai everything is well in the far future in the same way, and that we'll return al all.
- Of course I understand how dangerous this trip is. but I'm prepared for anything
- Then tonight at 9;00 p.m.
- Au revoir, James!
Jane returned home, threw her clothes anyhow into the bag and went to James. Meanwhile the boy got the time machine ready for the dangerous trip. At nine o'clock sharp Jane reached her friend's house. They tried all the screws again, put one more drop of oil on the quart/ rod and sat in the saddle. James took the starling lever in one hand and the stopping one in the other, pressed the first and almost immediately the second- They felt a nightmare sensation of falling and. looking around, they saw the room exactly as before. They noted the clock. A moment before it had slood at half past nine p.m., and now it was nearly eleven p.m.! James drew a breath, gripped the starting lever with both hands and went off with a thud. The room went dark. The night came like the turning out of a lamp, and in another moment came tomorrow. Tomorrow night came black, then day again, night again, day again, faster and faster...
Then there was suddenly a fiery flash. They were automatically thrown out of the machine. Jane looked around her. She was on what seemed to be a waste land. Everything seemed grey, colourless and lifeless in 3000 year in contrast to 2006 year. The sky was black, and there were puffs around. There were no people in that world. James and Jane tried to step, but it turned to be very difficult, because the air was discharged. Suddenly a stranger passed by them. He glanced at Jane. His glance was full of anger and malice. and his movements seemed lo be sharp and coarse. They decided to follow him. Approximately in half an hour they found themselves among ruins. A man was standing in the middle. But that man differed from others. His look was happy and full of love and good. There was the aureole of light and kindness around him. The rest people, standing there, were unconscious and gloomy. There was such feeling, that they had lost all values, which people had had in the past. That people decided to destroy the single reminder of the past. of love and kindness. Jane and James wanted to save him But they forgot that they were from the past, which meant they didn't lose values: love and good. But in spite of that, they saved the man and themselves with the help of Jane's lantern, because the inhabitants of that world were afraid of light. They sat in the saddle and returned into 2006 year. At home they made the acquaintance of the stranger from the future. He turned to be called Andrew. He told them,what had happened. In 2997 year a big meteorite had fallen on Earth and the doomsday had begun. Everything had become dark and evil. Only Andrew had managed to save his soul. And he stayed good, kind and full of love.
Two years later Andrew got accustomed to the modern life, and Jane and James became best friends. They made some trips into the past. But they didn't make any trip into the future, because they decided to live in a real world full of love and kindness.

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