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Стихи Юры Иваненко на английском языке 8"А"

The pure beauty


Just tell me: what is the pure beauty?

Is this a simple breath of the reached aim?

Could it be the humour of the crafty Clootie?

Or is that true that the happiness came?


 May be it is the law of nature,

Or the tiara in the hands of God?

Perhaps, it is an apple on its way to mature?

Or could it be a well-grown lilac bud?


Who is that fortuned to know the replies?

A plain man or someone blessed by God?

As it is said, the beauty drools and lies

Inside of every human’s cell of blood.


The beauty drools, the beauty flowers,

It lives inside of every man’s heart.

It grows outside the darkest towers,

The beauty grows on the edge of every yard.


It smells alike a heady bouquet,

Its fume is spread around the world.

Do not believe what you were told:

The beauty doesn’t need a word to say.


It holds the keys to our souls,

It shows the horn which has to beep.

It makes us love the wind that blows…

Remember: the beauty is only skin deep!


Kate Ivanenko, 10A

Руководитель Кондракова Н.Н.

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