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Стихи Маши Зеленовой 6"А"

Different worlds.


My interesting world is full of fun

In the sky is shining the beautiful sun

Many people are here in this wonderful place

And they all are going in different ways.


How many smiles, and how many tears

Different mimics and passing by years

Something is blicking and something is blowing

Somewhere well smelling rose is growing

Somewhere are growing powerful trees

Isn’t it wonderful? Of course it is!

But some people don’t  like the sun and smiles

They don’t see the mimics and different flies

They see only computers they are cybernetic

They live in computers, it is pathetic.


Some people make their own and big business

They have even no time to celebrate Christmas

They live in the world of the business and work

They are like work-zombies. They don’t go for a walk…


Some people think that the world is grey

They have many problems every day

They cry and cry and don’t like the world

They have nothing positive. I can’t say more!


So there are many different words,
Different people, different words

And I have my world, and I have my way

My world is positive, my way is play.

 Руководитель Галавкина Н.И.

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