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Стихи Полины Вериго 6 класс Б

Looking for Beauty


I am looking for beauty

At home and abroad

But how can I find it

In this cruel world


I am going to meadows

It's a summer hot day

It gives me refreshment

To ease my hard way


I am really delightful!

I sit in the grass

And watch fellow shepherd

With cattle me pass.


The ground is the mother

For numerous lives:

For beetles and worms

And for polecats and mice


I’d like to live here

But I have to return

To place I was born

Many years ago


I go to the hills

And I sit on a stone

Enjoying the landscape

And listening bird song


Through solid hard rocks

To my trembling arms

So slowly but boldly

Dandelion comes


I like your warm light

And your sunny day bright

But see, I must go

To a place full of snow


I am going to mountains

I hardly can breath

The wind is so freezing

That knocking my teeth


But suddenly rising

My spirit again

I come to a quiet

And beautiful plain!


I want to stay here

Despite I’ll be late

For train going home

The world is so great!


I’ve seen my home lands

And I’ve traveled abroad

I’ve found fantastic

And beautiful world!


Polina Verigo January 2010

руководитель Галавкина Н.И.

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